I am a struggling empty nester in the fashion department.  I have never had much interest in fashion, but realize clothes do wear out and need to be replaced.  I’d prefer to replace as few as possible, so I am studying how many ways I can make each piece of clothing work in my wardrobe.  I am also looking for the most cost effective way to acquire quality clothing I can find.  I’d really rather spend my dollars on my hobbies.

I have two grown daughters and a wonderful husband.  I live on the Canadian prairies with a definite four season climate.  I am a stay-at-home-wife who is never home.  I am actively involved in my community and church.  I spend time selling my fibre work at craft sales.  I need a wardrobe that accommodates all this, plus outdoor exercise in all four seasons.

I love texture and colour.  I love putting together outfits online, but rarely have the means to translate it into something in real life.

But trumping all that is the fact that, due to our climate, my clothing has to be practical.  We just can’t waltz around in a fashionable light jacket and shoes at -50C here.  Frostbite is a very serious hazard of life.

I hope you enjoy my saga.  I envisage this as being a short term project for this fall (2012), but we’ll see.


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